Sunday, July 13, 2014

Digital Marketing Challenges in the Entertainment Industry

As we all may know, the Digital Era have arrived for some time now, but is not until recently, with growing adaptation of social media sites by the masses and the access to internet in almost all of the developing countries around the world, that digital marketing has become one of the most important tool for advertisers.

These advantages in technology provide different challenges. One challenge that advertisers are facing is trying to help business owners understand how important is to adapt their current business models to the digital era.  This because the marketing strategies are different from the ones that they are used to and at times is difficult to let them understand those differences.

Another challenge is identify the right channel that will fit your business needs.  With fixed marketing budgets, advertisers have to be very careful when selecting a channel that will optimize that budget and with so many channels that could be very difficult to do.  Advertising in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may not be for every business.

For example, in the entertainment industry, if you are an Audio Visual provider for that industry in general, then you should stay away from Twitter and Facebook and focus more on Blogs, Digital Magazines and other websites that their main focus is in the industry providers and other businesses owners instead the general public.

Suggestions to manage your digital marketing
  • ·       Grow your online presence.
  • ·       Get rid of the 5 years marketing plans (Digital Media change too fast to keep using this)
  • ·       Be aware there is not perfect metrics to measure effectiveness and ROI.
  • ·       Align your digital marketing efforts with traditional ones.
  • ·       Don’t avoid digital presence, your chances of growing your business will be limited.