Sunday, April 6, 2014

Creating a Live Event with Limited Resources

            For years now, I had the idea of moving away from event planning and go back to my roots, Live Events.  This is where my real passion within the entertainment industry has always been.  As a high school students I had the opportunity to use school resources to create my events, my art director, took care of every paperwork needed for me to present my shows and many other things that I didn’t knew at the moment were important in order for me to put a great and entertaining show on stage.  That changes after I left my school.

            After graduating, I tried to follow my dreams of continuing creating live events, but because at that point, my school tools and resources were not available I decided to become an event planner.  A lot has happened since then, and today I’m in the process of creating my first live event in years.  After taking into consideration few factors as the target market, collaborators and people that at the moment can help me start this new project; I have decided to create a Tribute Show to the Queen of pop Madonna.

Now the question is the following; how will I be able to create a show that can meet my quality standards and stay on budget with limited resources?  Gone are the days that I have an auditorium, sound and light systems at my disposition.  Living in a big urban city like Phoenix the challenges are higher than if I would produce the project in a smaller town.  I do have a plan, and the same way that I’m using my imagination to create the show I will be using it to find those resources I will need.

Last week I contacted a group of people I know and presented my idea.  I created the excitement and out of 6 people 5 are as today on board with the project.  Next step is to find a venue, this first because everything we create will be based on the amount of space that the show we will present it at.  That would help us reduce our cost as much as we can.

We are in the process of hiring local artists and performers that will like to have to exposure in exchange for their collaboration.  Form now on I will keep updating our progress and ideas.