Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bruno Mars SUPER Half Time Show

After last year amazing Super Bowl’s half-time show featuring Beyoncé, most of us thought that it would be difficult to raise the bar again.  We were kind of wrong, Bruno Mars took the stage this past Sunday January 2nd 2014 at the Metlife Stadium in New York and the place exploded with a lot of energy and pure, raw talent but he had few of the viewers with mixed emotions.  An incredible number of people just watch the half time show and then continue enjoying their Sunday.  It’s like a ceremony for people that don’t like football; I know that because before I moved to the states from Puerto Rico I was one of them.

First, we have to keep in mind that with only 28 years old, Bruno Mars is the youngest performer that have ever performed at a Super Bowl.  He also has only two albums out which is almost nothing if you compare it with previous artist like Prince, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna.  That alone has to make us all to think why the Super Bowl Productions (Name of the company or Division that creates the show since it was take away from MTV after the Justin Timberlake-Jackson incident) took such of a risk?  The answer might be simpler than you might think, and is TALENT.  This early in his career Mars doesn’t need of any pyrotechnics, props, weird costumes or stage tricks to entertain his audience.

He may be 28 years old but he grew up in a music environment, from his early life in Hawaii, Mars was emerge in music and his first music steps was a song writer and producer.  He learned how to feel the music and transmit does feeling to the audience without the need of any other stage elements. That’s what I call ear talent, he is unique in what he does and I believe that for the production company to select him as the halftime show performer was a risk worth to take and I agree 100%.

People that didn’t like the show was in part because their expectations were higher when it comes to visuals. At first, they don’t care too much about who is performing but what kind of weird and amazing tricks will be pulled out on stage.  When Mars took the main small stage this year I was asking myself where was the rest? But once he started to sing and performed with his animated band I instantly forgot about it.  All I wanted to do is dance and jump like I was present in a live concert.  Few artists without the use of special stage or costume devices have that reaction on people, especially this early in their careers but mister Mars could.

I have mixed reactions about Red Hot Chili Peppers but overall the contrast was right on point.  What do you thing?

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